Boosting Quality Of Life While Working Long Hours On A Critical Care Unit


Working long hours in a critical care unit can be taxing and stressful. It is important to focus on your quality of life during these times, as it can easily become unbalanced. Knowing how to prioritize self-care while managing a heavy workload is key to keeping your mental and physical health in check, advises Dr Jeremy Barnett , who is a Board Certified Critical Care Medicine expert and Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine.
Making Time For Yourself
Taking time for yourself is essential for maintaining balance in your life. Find activities that help you relax and restore energy, such as exercising, spending time outside, meditating, or reading.

Even if it’s just 15 minutes per day, carving out dedicated “me” time will make a world of difference when it comes to reducing stress and burnout. Additionally, take regular breaks throughout the day to recharge and reset for the next task at hand.
Connecting With Colleagues
When working long hours in a critical care unit, it is easy to become isolated from colleagues who may be dealing with similar stresses or anxieties. Make an effort to connect with colleagues regularly by scheduling informal check-ins or virtual coffee breaks with them throughout the week.

This will not only help you build stronger relationships but also provides an opportunity to share advice or resources that may help each other cope better in this challenging environment.
Communicating With Family & Friends
Spending time with family and friends can provide much-needed emotional support during times of stress or crisis. Set aside dedicated time each week for video calls or phone conversations with loved ones in order to stay connected even when you cannot physically be present.

Additionally, ask family members if there are any specific tasks they need assistance with so that they can still contribute from afar without sacrificing more precious restorative time away from work responsibilities.
Staying connected with friends and family through video calls or phone conversations can go a long way towards helping maintain quality of life while working long hours in a critical care unit and Dr Jeremy Barnett.