Doctor D.J. Bettencourt as a legislator, gives democratic legitimacy to the other powers and institutions of the State


The initiative is one of the ingredients that a perfect legislator must have. Doctor DJ Bettencourt is characterized by his ability to anticipate events. Today, citizens value having autonomous people with whom they do not have to be constantly aware. In this way, a legislator with the initiative can make decisions independently, without the need for the support of third parties.
The ideal legislator likes to work as a team and feel fully integrated. Many people know this reality and have already integrated into group work mechanics, in which they are not as individualized as before.
Doctor D.J. Bettencourt can interact with different areas and practice active listening while coordinating with other legislators. We have to bear in mind that the success of the legislature is based on all legislators pursuing the same objective, which will only be achieved if they work as a team.

A grounded professional

Quality and speed do not have to be incompatible but must go hand in hand. Therefore, legislators must know how to control their stress, the pressure they are subjected to, and their time.
Doctor DJ Bettencourt knows exactly when a task is important and when it is urgent. Time is associated with urgency while achieving objectives is associated with importance. What is urgent requires adequate attention, while what is important can be resolved in the long, medium, or short term.
Citizens elect their representatives through elections with universal, free, and secret suffrage. Political parties play a key role in these elections. The representatives of all citizens are legislators. They have the responsibility of developing the laws that govern society.

A responsible legislator

Legislators represent all citizens; it is the sovereign power, so they play a central role in the political system. Doctor D.J. Bettencourt as a legislator, gives democratic legitimacy to the other powers and institutions of the State.
He controls the actions of the Government and the Administration. And above all, they approve the laws that all institutions and citizens must comply with. The laws reflect public policies; establish the rights and obligations of all.