Dr. Francene Gayle has a multidisciplinary profile and training to be able to perform her duties optimally


The hospital director is the key person for exercising activities and regulating and standardizing the management structure in health centers. In other words, hospital directors are the ones who have the purpose of planning, directing, coordinating, supervising, as well as evaluating the management of the care center.
In the same way, as the person in charge of the entire healthcare center, the hospital director is committed to each of the professionals who work in it. Therefore, he is the one who must guarantee the quality, safety, harmony, and efficiency of the assistance provided in the institution.
As Medical Director of Complete Medical Health, LLC, Francene gayle trains, promotes and supervises healthcare professionals and the professionals who support them. She maintains and cooperates with the executive team when initiating procedures and programs for the benefit of the care center.
She manages the hospital’s financial, human, and physical resources in an organized and intelligent way. Programming, Dr. Francene Gayle controls and evaluates the operation in the service divisions provided by the institution.

A professional with social responsibility

Dr. Francene Gayle has a multidisciplinary profile and training to perform her duties optimally. For this, specialized training and his experience are two of his basic pillars. He has leadership, always transmitting enthusiasm to the rest of the staff and leading their efforts to improve an institution.
He communicates well, allowing himself to pay the attention and effort necessary to understand the professional doctors who work with her and make himself understood without arguing. He has sensitivity and social responsibility, which he fulfills when he focuses on improving the care center for and for society.

He has the necessary knowledge

Francene gayle handles all health-related issues, although as a hospital director, she does not provide her services directly attending patients; she needs to have the necessary knowledge to treat any condition regardless of what area it is related to.
She is a specialist in family medicine, is proactive, and has excellent interpersonal relationships. He has experience managing and managing health programs and implementing new technologies to improve hospital administration.