Joy Rodak – Physical Therapy Designed for a Specific Need


Physical therapists help individuals to make changes in activities of daily living by focusing on movement and wellness. Physical therapy is the science of assessing and treating people with impairments and disabilities affecting their ability to move. Physical therapists also focus on overall health and wellness, disease prevention and health promotion, medication management, and rehabilitation following surgery or an injury.

It is a medical specialty that is aimed at the preservation, restoration, and promotion of human movement. The physical therapist works with people who have an impairment or disability related to movement to help them achieve their maximum potential.

For Overall Health and Mobility

It is a field of rehabilitation that is concerned with restoring functional abilities to both healthy and injured people through the therapeutic use of physical agents such as strength, endurance, and proprioception. Physical therapists (PTs) are experts in assisting individuals to return to their daily functioning, pain-free, and injury free. Physical therapists help improve mobility, manage pain, and decrease recovery time after an injury or illness by integrating safe and effective exercise into each client’s treatment plan.

Joy Rodak Physical therapists are the leaders in the field of rehabilitation. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an injury, or illness; managing an ongoing condition like arthritis or diabetes; or going through treatment for cancer, these expert therapists are here to help you get back to your best.

Personalized Treatment

They can work with you on a personalized treatment plan, developed around your goals. They work collaboratively with each patient to maximize all treatment strategies. The Department of physical therapists is certified, licensed, and trained in assessment, treatment planning, and intervention strategies.

Physical therapy offers an array of services like those offered by Joy Rodak to help you recover from injury or surgery. These skilled physical therapists will help you regain your strength, mobility, and overall health.