Marty Nothstein: How To Get Into Road Cycling As A Sport


Road cycling is a great way for adults like you to get exercise and see the country to love and enjoy. It’s also a sport that many people don’t consider until they realize how affordable it can be. If you’re interested in road cycling, let Olympic medalist and cycling legend Marty Nothstein guide you on how to get started on your first ride.

Decide On The Type Of Bike To Use

The first step to getting into road cycling is to choose the best type of bike for you to use. For one, a road bike is designed for riding on paved surfaces such as city streets or country roads. They have skinny tires, and drop handlebars and can be either lightweight or heavy depending on what you’re looking for in terms of performance versus comfort.

Marty Nothstein On the other hand, a mountain bike has wide tires that are designed for off-road use. The frame is generally heavier than other types of bicycles because it needs extra material to support the weight of riders who venture into rough terrain, where they might encounter rocks or roots sticking up from the ground.

Choose A Route For Your Cycling Activity

When choosing your cycling route, it’s important to pick the route that you know well, so that you can ride it confidently without getting lost or distracted by other drivers.

Also, you should choose a cycling route with lots of traffic lights and stop signs so you can have frequent opportunities to stop at intersections while riding to make sure your bike is working properly.

Lastly, you should always look for routes that have good lighting around corners, or curves where visibility isn’t great, as this will keep both cars’ headlights from blinding cyclists coming towards them on these types of roads.

Prepare For Your Cycling Activity

If you’re going to be riding in hot weather, wear light-colored clothing that will reflect heat and keep in cool air. You should also bring along a water bottle or two (or three) and some snacks for the ride if possible, as well as a bike pump if your tires need air before heading out on the road or trail.