That You Are a Conservative Investor – Insights from John Mattera


Investors come in various types, ranging from risk-takers to those who prefer a more conservative approach. Conservative investors prioritize low-risk instruments and seek to grow their wealth steadily. In this article, we will explore the signs that indicate you might be a conservative investor, according to the perspective of John Mattera.

Being Risk-Averse in Investments:

One of the key traits of a conservative investor is being risk-averse. You prefer to avoid the possibility of losing your entire investment and are more inclined towards opportunities that offer lower investment risks. While conservative investors might be open to taking on some level of risk if there is a reasonable chance of significant returns, they generally prioritize consistent growth over short-term gains.

Prefer Simple and Straightforward Strategies:

Conservative investors tend to favor simple and straightforward investment strategies. Such strategies are easier to understand, implement, and follow consistently. By keeping the investment approach simple, you minimize the chances of deviating from your plan or being swayed by external factors. Replicating simple strategies is also more feasible, as they involve fewer steps and decisions. If you find yourself drawn to uncomplicated investment approaches or prefer to emulate the strategies of successful investors, it could be an indication of your conservative investing mindset.

Wariness of the Stock Market and Volatile Investments:

Conservative investors often exhibit reluctance towards investing in the stock market and other volatile investment options. They are aware of the inherent risks associated with these investments, including the potential loss of capital. Compared to investors with more flexibility in their strategies, conservative investors are generally less willing to take on significant exposure to the stock market’s volatility. Their cautious nature leads them to prioritize capital preservation and minimize the risk of losing their entire investment.

Preference for Stable and Reliable Investments:

Conservative investors typically gravitate towards stable and reliable investments that offer a level of predictability. They seek assets with steady growth potential and are less interested in speculative ventures or high-risk opportunities. Conservative investors are more comfortable with instruments such as bonds, fixed-income securities, or dividend-paying stocks that offer a consistent income stream and are considered safer investments.


Recognizing your investing style is crucial in aligning your investment decisions with your risk tolerance and long-term goals. If you exhibit a risk-averse approach, prefer simple investment strategies, and are cautious about investing in the stock market and volatile instruments, you may fall under the category of a conservative investor John Mattera. Understanding your investment preferences allows you to build a well-balanced portfolio that aligns with your risk appetite and provides the potential for consistent growth. Remember, investment decisions should always be based on thorough research, diversification, and a comprehensive understanding of your financial objectives.