The Must-Have Supplies to Start an Urgent Care Clinic


Starting an urgent care clinic is a daunting task. Not only do you need the right licensing and certifications, but you also need the right supplies. After all, without the necessary equipment and products, your clinic will not be able to provide quality care to your patients.

To make sure you have all of the essential supplies, here’s what you will need for your urgent care clinic, explains Dr Lou Hampers , the former Clinical Instructor at the Department of Pediatrics at the Northwestern University Medical School.
Essential Equipment
The key piece of equipment you will need for your urgent care clinic is a comfortable exam table that can be adjusted as needed.
● You should also get a few chairs, scales, and blood pressure cuffs so that patients can be weighed and their vitals checked.
● Additionally, you should invest in an x-ray machine so that X-rays can be taken as needed.
● Finally, don’t forget to buy some basic office supplies such as pens and paper for taking notes and filing paperwork.
Medical Supplies
In addition to equipment, it’s important that your urgent care clinic has all of the necessary medical supplies on hand at all times. This includes things like tongue depressors and bandages for minor injuries or illnesses; IV fluids for dehydration; syringes; gloves; masks; sterile dressings; antiseptics; splints; airways; oxygen tanks; and any other items that might be necessary for providing medical treatment or administering tests such as urine test kits or pregnancy tests.
It’s easy to overlook the importance of having the right supplies Lou Hampers when starting an urgent care clinic. But with this guide in hand, you can make sure that your clinic is stocked with everything it needs to provide quality healthcare services to patients in need of urgent care services.

From essential equipment like exam tables to medical supplies like syringes and IV fluids, there are many items every clinic should have on hand at all times in order to offer the best possible treatment options to their patients. With these must-have items on hand, you can ensure that your urgent care clinic runs smoothly from day one!